About Us

“The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.” — Proverbs 18:15

Partly because we, the church, have in many ways dropped the ball, sacrificed God’s unchanging truths for complacency and tolerance and partly because we have given the enemy entre to place people in authority over us who freely operate in unprecedented realms of darkness – but we now find ourselves at a pivot point. 

A window of opportunity has opened that is clearly asking a question. Do we want to keep allowing the erosion of God’s precepts or do we have it in us to take hold of what the Father has shown us and begin to implement His Kingdom in our nation and in our lives? We believe the latter!

So, Kingdom Charge is here to be a renewed beginning point for our state of alertness and desire to carry out the will of the Father in our nation. 

Through speakers, conferences, seminars and meetings, we will give you access to people who want to bring light to that darkness and who know the actual truth about what is going on in our culture, government and society. They know things that don’t get reported in the news. Their lives are intertwined with the history that is being written as we speak, and we will get a chance to hear their stories first hand. 

Then because we too will know, we will gain courage and clarity about what we believe in order to pray, discern what God is telling us and move as He instructs us to move.

We welcome you here and look forward to meeting you at our next event!