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Kingdom Charge wants to be in partnership with you.

We see the world going crazy just like you and wonder why people are just letting it happen. A big reason is because there is just too much – it is all so overwhelming. So our goal is to break it down into coherent pieces. We want to bring you pieces of society, government and culture to look at closely, presented by people who are in the trenches and know what’s actually going on. 

Then, we take it to God and say, “OK, Lord, now what?  How do I serve you now that I know what I know?” 

If we hear and ask, and are ready to respond, the Lord will use us to change things. But this all takes resources and that’s where our partnership comes in. You contribute what the Lord leads you to give and we will continue to walk through the doors He is opening for us to get to the people you need to hear. 

We can and will do this together! Thank you!!!


Kingdom Charge International is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization so your donations are tax-deductible.

If you would prefer to mail a check, here is the address:
Kingdom Charge International
6175 Hickory Flat Hwy 

Suite 110-385

Canton, GA 30115

Thank you!!

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